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What Is Perception?

A Look At The Perceptual Process And Beliefs

What is perception and what is perception versus reality? It is because of the perceptual process that you become aware of the world around you. Perceiving is one of the brain’s two primary functions. The other is determining how you act in response to what you perceive.

Your perception of your environment is influenced by your past experiences, your beliefs and expectations. This is why each person’s perception of reality is different. By changing core beliefs, you can change the way you perceive the world around you.

In this section you can also learn about the link between perception and behavior. Read about how positive thinking can help you change dysfunctional beliefs. Changing core beliefs and challenging your existing perceptions is the hero’s journey you need to take to manifest your reality in accordance with your deepest wishes.

The Definition Of Perception

Learn about the definition of perception and how your perception of the world around you shapes your experience of life. Discover what aspects of perceiving you can influence to shift your experience of reality. The perceptual process is one of the oldest fields of study in social psychology. Sensory perception is a passive process. In every moment your sensory organs are processing your environment without your conscious awareness or effort.

Catastrophic Thinking

What is your perception of change? Many of us hold the belief that change is difficult. This locks us into a pattern of catastrophic thinking. We have the perception that any change is going to be bad. Yet, as Buddha taught us; everything is changing form constantly. Which means that to be alive is to be forever evolving. To fear change is to fear life itself. By exploring the true nature of change, you will be able to start seeing it as a positive.  

How To Manifest Anything

Unless you believe that you are truly worthy of your deepest desires, you won’t be able to attract or manifest them. A feeling of unworthiness is simply a tactic employed by the ego to stop you from making big and bold changes in life. Why does the ego do this? Because its role is to protect you and the best way it knows how to do this is to keep you repeating yesterday. That’s why your ego often takes the voice of a conservative parent and instills fear in you.

What Is Responsibility?

What is responsibility? It is realizing that through your thinking, feeling and behaving, you are responsible for many of your life circumstances. It’s easy to fall into the trap of avoiding responsibility as we often mistake responsibility for forgiveness. But responsibility isn’t excusing another for their negligent actions, it is simply practicing your right to exercise more power over what you create by choosing how you respond in every moment.

Learning To Love Yourself First

What is your perception of yourself? Have you ever wondered what the cost is of not believing in yourself? If you have a low self-esteem, you feel unworthy. And when you feel unworthy, you push all of life’s goodness away from you, without even realizing it. Opportunities pass you by, good luck goes over your head and life’s blessings remain a mystery. Attracting greater prosperity into your life starts with learning to love yourself first.

Manifest Your Reality

What is your perception of reality and its causes? Learn another way to think about the meaning of perfection and how the Law of Cause and Effect is always working in your life to give you perfect results. If you want to change something in your life or manifest new realities, you need to consider what actions are causing your current results. Through positive thinking, you can cultivate new actions, habits and outcomes that will transform your life circumstances.

What Is My Life Purpose?

Is your destiny pre-written? Are you living into a plan that’s already in existence or do you have control, or even a say over who you’ll ultimately become? These questions plague every human being on a spiritual journey to greater fulfillment. Your beliefs in this area will either inspire you to great action or leave you feeling hopeless. Understanding your perception on your life purpose will clarify your priorities and help you become your best self.

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  • The Definition Of Perception
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