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Positive Health, Positive Self Affirmations

Weight loss affirmations can help you find the power to permanently adopt healthy eating and regular exercise habits.

There is a very real reason why many people can’t change their eating and exercise habits that most dieting programs don’t address. Aside from habits (which are hard to break), there is likely an underlying belief around poor self-worth. This belief, as with all the beliefs we hold, will cause a person to operate in life to find evidence of its truth. For example, you may want to lose weight in order to find an intimate relationship. But if you hold beliefs that you aren’t lovable, you’ll be threatening the truth of this belief by losing weight.

You will then experience inner resistance to slimming down so as to avoid change.

The best way to lose weight then is to uncover what beliefs you hold about your self worth. If you were always told as a child that you are big-boned and will never be small, you may be continuing to operate in accordance with this story, even though it’s likely untrue. You may have been “big-boned” as a child. You are an adult now. Accept the past and say goodbye to it. It’s time to wipe the slate clean and experience a new version of you

Weight Loss Affirmations – I Feel Slim

  • I love feeling sexy and slim. It’s easy for me to exercise and eat healthily
  • I love my body slim and toned
  • My body is healthier, stronger and slimmer than ever before
  • I am perfectly healthy, mentally and physically, and I do all things to properly maintain my weight
  • I think healthy thoughts. Every day, in every way, I am getting slimmer
  • I am at my perfect weight, healthy in every way
  • I love feeling light and free
  • I eat only the food that I need in order to maintain optimum health and vitality
  • I think slim thoughts. I am healthy and strong, filled with energy and vitality
  • I love my slim body. I enjoy wearing sexy clothes that show off my shape

Weight Loss Affirmations – Achieving Optimal Health

  • I am healthy and strong, filled with energy and vitality
  • I awaken each day feeling healthy and alive with energy
  • I feel energized throughout the day. I am bursting with health and vigor
  • I think young and feel young. Every pressure I feel is a signal to relax, release, and let go
  • The older I get, the healthier I become
  • I feel healthy and strong. I think healthy thoughts. I awaken each day feeling healthy and alive with energy
  • My body thrives when I feed it the right nutrition
  • I only enjoy highly nutritious food that nurtures my soul while it feeds by body
  • I always have more than enough energy to do all I want to do. Every cell in my body works together in perfect harmony to create perfect health
  • I protect and serve my body by always making caring choices

Weight Loss Affirmations – Enjoying Exercise

  • My fitness routine is enjoyable, energetic and easy
  • My daily fitness routine gives me excellent results
  • I love working out because it makes me feel healthier and healthier by the minute
  • I enjoy exercising and my fitness routine gives me fantastic results
  • My body is firm and healthy
  • My metabolism speeds up by the minute during my fitness routine
  • My body is trim and strong. I look like I work out
  • There’s nothing as energizing as a vigorous workout
  • I have a fast metabolism, a healthy spirit and friendly personality
  • I love working out hard and pushing my limits

I subscribe to the age-old philosophy that first you have to BE before you can DO and HAVE what you want. I created this site to give readers practical and motivational success tips! In every post you will find simple success principles that will cause you to succeed.

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