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The Definition Of Stress And The Best Stress Reduction Techniques

Signs of Stress

The definition of stress is physical, mental, and emotional strain or tension. It occurs when we perceive that the response we need to make to our environment or circumstances is beyond us or threatens our well being.

While it’s all good and well to say “just be positive,” sometimes the anxiety we feel is all-consuming. In this section, you can learn all about how to take action to manage your stress. We’ll take the definition of stress and look at the different ways it presents itself in the short and long-term. You can also learn about the findings of a nationwide study plus a look at the leading treatments that don’t involve medication.

I’ll also share some great products I have come across that work wonders at putting you in a relaxing and calming state.

Stress Signs And Symptoms

Stress has many ways of impacting a person’s life. You need to know your stress signs and symptoms in order to reduce the effect it might be having on yours. According to the definition of stress, it can manifest in both physical and emotional ways. Learn about its many physical and emotional manifestations here 

What Is Stressing America?

What keeps you up at night is also likely to be what’s keeping up a majority of other Americans. Results of the American Psychological Association’s annual study reveal some interesting findings on the main cause of stress. You’ll also find some useful tips for dealing with the tension and anxiety you experience in your daily life. Learn the different solutions is the first step to eradicating it

A New Approach To Stress

 The fact that a given incident will cause one person extreme anxiety and the next person none at all is evidence that stress is dependent on our perceptions and beliefs. Every person has their own personal threshold that determines how much tension they can handle and what type of stimuli will trigger a response. Positive thinking and optimism can radically change your experience of stress

Natural Calming Treatments

 Many of us embody the definition of stress without realizing it. And turning to food, alcohol and drugs for relief is choosing to self-medicate it rather than heal ourselves and nurture our growth. Read about the many life promoting, natural treatments for stress that don’t have side effects like weight gain and hangovers. You may just be surprised by their power…

The Effects Of Stress On The Body

The medical community points the finger at stress for many conditions, including heart disease, gray hair and hives. The relationship between stress and the body is explained by “the fight or flight syndrome;” the body’s way of protecting against perceived threats. Learn how to reframe anxious feelings through positive thinking and your mind

Top 10 Ways To Reduce Stress

Having read widely on the topic of anxiety and tension, I’ve learned all the best methods for treating it. Here I’ll share my top 10 ways to reduce stress which also have the added benefit of helping you think more positively. Many of these techniques involve having fun, for a good reason too. If the definition of stress is tension and strain then it stands to reason that the best ways to reduce it involve letting loose!

Inspiring Stress Quotes

 Feelings of anxiety stem from the mind. How you see things, will determine how you feel in relation to life’s challenges. Here is a collection of some of my favorite stress quotes to help you reframe trying life experiences and help you feel more positive. When you master the art of reframing, stressful stimuli will lose their power over you

The Power Of A Laugh

Some say laughter is the best medicine… While it used to be just an an old wives’ tale, the idea is now a pretty serious matter in the world of science. For decades now scientists have been researching the positive effects of laughter to find out what it can do for your health. Find out here what the latest research says about laughing plus read some wise words from Dr. Dean Ornish

How Faith Can Help You

Faith is one important component of what separates high achievers from everyone else. To have faith is to follow a vision with all your heart and soul, long before there’s material evidence it has any hope of manifesting. Without faith it would be impossible to be positive under such conditions. If you ever find yourself feeling defeated, cultivate faith and positive thinking to keep you going

The Effects Of Stress

It’s easy to get into the habit of just putting up with stress. It’s often not until we are forced to make big changes and eradicate the stress we’ve been living with that we can begin to see what a gigantic toll it’s been taking on our happiness as well as our family’s. Learn here about the effects of stress and identify how it’s robbing you of the goodness that life is able to offer.

Stress Related Articles

  • Is Laughter The Best Medicine?
    A Q&A; Discussing The Positive Effects Of Laughter Is laughter the best medicine? Come on, really? The idea that there are positive effects of laughter dates back centuries. In the Bible, we learn from Proverbs 12:22 that “A cheerful heart is good medicine” and Mark Twain is quoted as saying “Against the assault of laughter
  • Top 10 Ways To Reduce Stress
    The following top 10 ways to reduce stress are my favorite tips for getting back in control. Some of these could even qualify as fun ways to reduce stress! These are the stress reduction techniques recommended by the leaders in health and wellness. Getting into the habit of practicing these principles will really change your life.
  • Stress Quotes And Sayings To Live By
    Famous Quotes And Sayings Stress quotes are a great way to gain perspective and find a seed of optimism in times of stress. Remember, all of our experiences are created in our minds. Nothing outside of us can cause stress unless we let it. “Unnatural work produces too much stress” Bhagavad Gita “The greatest weapon
  • What Are The Effects Of Stress On The Body?
    The effects of stress on the body have been connected to many health conditions, like depression, diabetes, hair loss, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, obesity, high blood pressure, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, infertility, autoimmune diseases, ulcers and even cancer. Some research suggests that chronic stress is responsible for as many as 60-90% of all illnesses.
  • Cognitive Reframing
    Cognitive reframing, also known as NLP reframing, is one of my favorite psychological techniques for changing core beliefs and controlling foolish thoughts. You are practicing cognitive reframing when you take a situation or particular circumstance and change the meaning you’ve assigned to it.
  • Best Treatments For Stress
    There are many natural treatments for stress ranging from special herbs for anxiety and stress to aromatherapy for stress reduction. The most beneficial treatments I have found involve a combination of therapies.
  • Are The Causes Of Stress Really Things Outside Ourselves?
    What Mental Stress Can Do To Your Life Most people are unable to correctly identify the causes of stress. This is despite the fact that many of us voraciously read personal development books and self help for stress management. Most people think it’s work, family pressures, money problems, that cause them anxiety and stress. In
  • The Main Cause Of Stress
    The main cause of stress among Americans today is economic anxiety. This is according to the American Psychological Association’s (APA) 2008 study. Each year, the APA commissions a countrywide survey to monitor the state of stress and its impact on the nation.
  • Know Your Stress Signs And Symptoms
    Knowing your stress signs and symptoms is important. If you don’t know how stress manifests in your life, its presence will remain outside your conscious awareness. Knowing your physical signs of stress and emotional signs of stress allows you to intervene when you’re experiencing a stressful response. And intervention is the key to protecting yourself from the long-term damage of stress.
  • The Philosophy Of Happiness
    What Causes Happiness?  The philosophy of happiness is a subject we should all be made to study in school. Why? Because Americans’ happiness levels have declined. According to the National Opinion Research Center, 35% of Americans were “very happy” in 1957. By 1991, their happiness research suggests this figure had dropped to 31%. Over the
  • Holosync Reviews
    Holosync meditation is a type of binaural meditation that is scientifically proven to help you quickly attain deep states of meditation. It is delivered on CDs with proven entrainment tones embedded behind the sounds of beautiful soothing and calming rain.
  • Addiction: Crazy or Just Coping? Understanding The Addictive Mind
    We All Have Addictive Minds We’re all addicts; we’re all addicted to something, it’s the only way we can survive — some of these addictions are good, and some of these addictions are not only destructive, they’re deadly.  In this brief article, I want to explain to you how to break the “destructive cycle” of the addictive mind. Why are some people addicted to alcohol, food, sex, and
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