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Can Positive Thinking Really Change Your Life?

When it comes to positive thinking and its power, there are the skeptics and there are the hard core believers. The skeptics tend to think life is predetermined. You’re here in this strange place Planet Earth to live out a certain predetermined destiny. Accept your lot in life; suck it up and cope! Then there are the believers. Those folks who think that life is a mirror of the mind. And if you truly believe the world can be a wonderful place, you will find the power to make it that way. 

So…why exactly am I here making a case for positive thinking? Well, I am one of those hard core believer types!

Experience has convinced me that making a conscious effort to think positively has a big impact on how life plays out. And writing and talking about the mind helps me remain conscious of the fact that my life is in my hands. It’s not some predetermined melodrama that I’m living out, but a story that I script everyday.

My Journey Here

I’ve always been a contemplative type. But it wasn’t until I went through a really intense crisis in my early 30’s, months of more anxiety and depression than I’d ever known, that I had to get serious about what I think and how I live. 

During this period, I made myself become more than just familiar with the principles of positive thinking. It was challenging. I didn’t want to be anything other than authentic which is never easy when you’re trying to break up with parts of yourself that aren’t working anymore. It forced a whole new level of awareness to come about. Anyway, I persisted, day in and day out. Change wasn’t immediate, but I kept trying. I became devoted to taking care of myself and my thoughts. Slowly things started to shift. I can now say I have firsthand experience of the power that comes from taking control of your thinking and your life.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming to be perfect. I still battle. I still find myself seduced at times by negative minds and have to find the strength to pull myself away from them. The way I feel is that everyday is filled with choices anew to consciously create my life. So everyday I either show up and choose positivity or I get slammed by those old mind-tapes that insist on bringing me down! 

Using The Power Of Positive Thinking In Your Life

Many of the things I realized during my early 30s have become the principles that underlie what I write about here. They include the following ideas:

1. Changing my life circumstances and events is only possible if I am willing to make real and sustained changes from within.

2. My mind is a machine and is programmed by repetition (habit). To change my mind, new thoughts and behaviors need to be introduced and repeated.

3. My body is a manifestation of my mind. What my mind feels, my body expresses and vice versa. To discipline my mind also requires disciplining my body.

4. To live a full and rewarding life requires that I live in pursuit of my deeper purpose. Only I can know my true purpose. This isn’t knowledge that anyone can possibly have of me but myself.

5. The biggest blessings in life are those which cause me to reconsider my mind. These often present as crises but are rarely so as they typically unfold into opportunities for surrender and awakening.

The Power Of Positive Thinking In Your Life

I used to think often of that famous quote by Marcel Proust, “the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” I’d find myself pondering this over and over, hoping and praying I would one day discover for myself the truth of this statement.

Experience has shown me that you really can travel to new worlds if you’re willing to put in the effort. But discipline is truly the path to freedom here. Unless you’re willing to incorporate rituals into your daily life, you’re not really going to see many positive changes. If you are willing to expend some effort, positive thinking can change your life.

Self Improvement Ideas From Psychology

Self Improvement Resources

It seems that an increasing array of self improvement ideas have roots in psychology. This is probably because more and more self help gurus (including Dr. Wayne W Dyer and Jack Canfield from The Secret) have backgrounds as counselors and therapists.

And psychology’s influence on self help is only likely to increase thanks to former president of the American Psychological Association, Martin Seligman. At the turn of the century he formalized a new branch of study called Positive Psychology; an inquiry into what creates happiness and fulfillment in mankind.

Following are some psychological self improvement ideas that I’ve discovered via the self help arena. Try them out. I have found all of these useful.

Cognitive Reframing

Of all the self improvement ideas I share on this site, cognitive reframing is by far my favorite. It’s easy to practice and is a powerful way to challenge long-held beliefs, even the kind that we stubbornly hold onto at all costs. By learning how to reframe the stories we tell ourselves we can shift our perception of the world as a limited, fixed place to a universe of endless possibility and potential.

Defense Mechanisms

We all have inbuilt defense mechanisms that help us distort reality in such a way that it makes it easier for us to cope with existence. But if a person’s defense mechanisms go unchecked, they can wreak havoc in their life. Read about the most common types of defense mechanisms and see if you can identify how you use them — and possibly overuse some — in your life. 

Selective Perception

Many self help gurus talk about the importance of focus. Selective perception explains why conscious focus is so important. There is simply too much stimulus in our environments for our conscious mind to process. Because of this, selective perception filters certain stimulus out of our awareness. What makes it into our awareness depends on our beliefs and values.  

The Theory Of Self Efficacy

Self-efficacy is a psychological concept about the power of personal beliefs. Developed by Canadian psychologist, Albert Bandura, the theory states that people with high levels of self-efficacy have a greater chance of success in any given task. That’s irregardless of talent and skills! Find out here if you have high self-efficacy and what a low self-esteem or lack of belief in yourself is costing you. 

Self Criticism

Being truthful about your strengths and weakness is important. But too much focus on your negative traits can slowly wear you down. A critical predictor of success is deciding where you put your emphasis. If you focus on improving your weaknesses you will at best reach mediocrity. If you focus on honing your strengths, your potential for success is virtually unlimited!

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a model for self development that was created in the 1970’s at the University of California. Anthony Robbins has since become an avocate of the approach and much of his earlier work drew on NLP techniques. At its core, NLP provides a framework for an individual to model the behaviors and mindsets of successful people in order to replicate them in themselves.

Psychology And Self Development – Two Worlds Merging?

More and more, self improvement ideas are coming from the field of psychology. Today, a number of influential speakers have psychology backgrounds

Stress And The Power Of The Mind

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Your Personal Development Plan

A personal development plan is the easiest way to accelerate your success. Your plan starts with your specific purpose statement which details your path to achieving success

How Can You Stay Positive Over Time?

Here are some useful positive attitude tips. The benefits of a positive attitude extend beyond just feeling better in this moment. You’ll also attract more opportunities in life

Great Quotes To Inspire

Reading good quotes for positive thinking and famous quotes and sayings makes it easy for you to stimulate good thoughts at any time, no matter what’s going on around you

Affirmations Work!

This list of affirmations will help you are utilize the power of positive thinking in your life. Positive affirmations impact the images imprinting in your subconscious

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