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“Learning to love yourself first” sounds like a cliche. Often though, if you can really look at cliches there’s a kernel of wisdom to be devoured. And it’s very much the case with this one! Learning to love yourself first is critical for gaining self confidence and attracting success.

The Definition Of Faith

The definition of faith, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, is “A firm belief in something for which there is no proof.” Faith is complete trust. It is belief that a dream or goal you aspire to can be fulfilled, regardless of what current circumstances or events suggest is possible.

How To Manifest Anything

If you want to know how to manifest anything, be prepared to reconsider everything. All of your dysfunctional beliefs need to be challenged. This process requires facing your fears head on. Overcoming fear is the key as right now your fears are like blocks for you.

What IS Responsibility?

What is responsibility? In the context of self development, responsibility, also known as self responsibility, is the acknowledgment that you, through your thinking, feeling and behaving, are in control of how you experience life. For many people, becoming truly responsible requires changing core beliefs.

What Is My Life Purpose?

What is my life purpose? We all want to feel that we’ve been created for a purpose, that life has a bigger meaning than the mire of everyday routine.