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Understanding The Manifesting Process

You manifest your reality… If you’re thinking this is crazy talk, I understand! To really grasp this concept required changing my core beliefs.

It’s taken me a good deal of time to really comprehend my role in the manifesting process and just how responsible I am for the way my life looks. When I first heard of the idea that I manifest my reality, I was pretty annoyed! There was no way I would actually choose to live this painful existence… was there?

You Manifest Your Reality – An Idea That Stems From The East

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this idea when I started dabbling in Eastern religions. Thankfully, I came across the notion of Karma, explained properly this time. Karma doesn’t mean fate, like so many westerners believe. Karma is actually Sanskrit for action, meaning consequence or reaction.

The Buddhist notion of Karma sits with me the best of all. Buddhists don’t believe there’s a god in the sky who is calling all the shots. Rather, they believe that the results we get in life flow directly and naturally from our actions.  

The Life You Have Created Is Perfect

The implication of the Buddhist theory of Karma is that life right now is perfect. Just think, in every moment your life occurs based on the interaction of many things. The biggest influences here being your thoughts and subsequent actions. In this way, your life is perfect. Everything is perfect. This is because the world we live in and the events and circumstances of our lives are perfect outputs or consequences of our inputs or actions.

It makes a lot of sense but I’d never thought about life like this before. It requires rethinking the definition of perfection. Perfection here is defined as “accurate” or “exact”, and not as “without flaws”.

It stands to reason then, that life will always be perfect. Your world will be perfect again tomorrow and the next day, and the next. It may be different from today (if you have different thoughts and actions), But it will still be a perfect output of whatever you have inputted.

 Great, You Manifest Your Reality… What Next?

The implications of this concept are pretty enormous. You need to rethink everything and consider all of the ways you are causing yourself pain. It all starts with your thinking, and that is why Buddha said that we become our thoughts. What you think becomes what you do and what you do becomes who you are.

If you’re not getting what you want in life, this concept suggests you need to take a long hard look at your thinking (and beliefs too) to see what you’re allowing and not allowing into your life.  

The First Step: Accept Your Life Right Now

Just stop running away and hating aspects of your life for a moment! If you don’t, if you maintain the feeling of desperately wanting to run away, then it’s as if you’re trying to deny your past actions. Look at areas of your life where there is pain. Can you see how you have caused or at least contributed to the pain?

Operating from a place of acceptance of the world and your life “as is” is truly liberating. There is no longer a need to run away or deny that you manifest your reality. And owning up to your role in creation is empowering.

The Really Really Good News

One logical conclusion you can make from all of this is that you already have mastered the skill of manifesting your reality. I used to think I had no ability to manifest, but hearing this idea made me realize that I am manifesting in every moment.

That means, if I want to bring my desires into existence, I don’t actually need to learn the secret of manifesting, I already know it! My challenge is to stop being a passive observer of my own life. I need to behave like the active creator that I am! This means focusing my thinking and ensure it is leading to action-taking that is aligned with my desires.


I subscribe to the age-old philosophy that first you have to BE before you can DO and HAVE what you want. I created this site to give readers practical and motivational success tips! In every post you will find simple success principles that will cause you to succeed.

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