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A List Of Affirmations For Every Area Of Life

Free Affirmations

Below is a list of affirmations for each area of your life requiring attention. What are positive affirmations exactly? Think of them as statements detailing circumstances you would like to manifest.

Interestingly, people who have success in their lives seem to be wired to practice positive affirmations naturally. Think of an area in your life where you have a lot of success. If you listen to your internal monologue around that area, you’ll probably find it’s full of positivity. It’s this state you want to replicate in other areas of your life in order to have success. Click on one of the links below for loads of examples of affirmations. 

Making Affirmations Work

Affirmations require more than just repetition. As with most creative processes, there is an art to writing and practicing affirmations. Read what Shakti Gawain, author of the acclaimed book Creative Visualization recommends in order to have success with affirmations. You’ll also find eight other tips and tricks for writing and repeating affirmations to ensure you manifest what you desire.

Weight Loss Affirmations

My favorite affirmation for weight loss is the first one in this list of affirmations: “I love feeling sexy and slim. It’s easy for me to exercise and eat healthily.” This makes me feel peaceful, inspired and resolute… a divine way to feel! To pick affirmations that will work for you, close your eyes and notice how each statement makes you feel. You can feel in your gut which ones energize. 

Wealth Affirmations

Do you work tirelessly to create abundance? Contrary to what many of us might think, exhaustion isn’t a condition of prosperity. The world is full of abundance and as soon as you can give yourself permission to share in it, it will find you. My favorite wealth affirmation is: “An abundance of money comes to me easily and effortlessly.” Repeating it daily changes what you focus on and the opportunities you gravitate towards.

Affirmations For Abundance

Whether you want a more fulfilling and rich life or you’re focused on manifesting a prosperous relationship, these affirmations will help you crystallize and hold your vision. One of my favorites in this list of affirmations is “my life is an exciting adventure.” It’s easy to forget the amazing blessing it is that you are a being with infinite possibility. And through focus you can manifest all that you can imagine.

Positive Self Affirmations

What would you have, do and be tomorrow if there were no limits? Why are there limits? They are, of course, self imposed. And the best way to remove your constraints is to constantly remind yourself of what you desire. One of my favorites in this list of affirmations is: “I can create and produce whatever I desire.” It’s so liberating to say that out loud and spurs my creativity!

Motivational Affirmations

When life calls on you to persist at something for what can feel like eternity, use these affirmations to give you the support you need to get where you want to go. There are bound to be challenges on any path you take. How can you fail though when you wake up to an affirmation like this every morning: “I am expressing my potential more and more each day.”

Affirmation Articles

  • Motivational Affirmations
    To make your motivational affirmations as effective as possible, it’s helpful to first uncover why you’re not feeling motivated. A lack of motivation is typically caused by a lack of belief that you can achieve the thing you truly desire. If, upon reflection, you find that you do doubt that you can have what you want then you need to realize you have the ability to achieve whatever you can conceive. The two go hand in hand.
  • Positive Self Affirmations
    Repeating positive self affirmations will help you create the future you desire. If you struggle with issues around liking and accepting yourself, self affirmations are particularly important.
  • Affirmations For Abundance And Prosperity
    Abundance Affirmations To Invite Prosperity  Affirmations for abundance and prosperity can really help you create and hold the state of mind that’s required to manifest your desires.Β  Affirmations For Self Improvement My capabilities and potential are unlimited I express my potential more and more each day I attract success and happiness Whatever I can conceive
  • Wealth Affirmations Including Money Affirmations
    Wealth affirmations can help you overcome poor beliefs you may have about money and well being. Many people operate on the belief that there is scarcity in the world. They operate from a competitive context rather than a creative one. Operating from the belief that there is more than enough to go around and that you are worthy of having abundance in all spheres of your life, will help open you to receiving more of the things you value.
  • Weight Loss Affirmations
    Positive Health, Positive Self Affirmations Weight loss affirmations can help you find the power to permanently adopt healthy eating and regular exercise habits. There is a very real reason why many people can’t change their eating and exercise habits that most dieting programs don’t address. Aside from habits (which are hard to break), there is
  • Affirmation Statements: Writing Affirmations That Work
    Affirmation statements need to be written in a specific format. Keep reading to learn the definition of affirmations and the suggested techniques to ensure you write affirmations that work.
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