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Overcoming Fear Is The Key

If you want to know how to manifest anything, be prepared to reconsider everything. All of your dysfunctional beliefs need to be challenged. This process requires facing your fears head on. Overcoming fear is the key as right now your fears are like blocks for you.

Looking at your fears head on will build up your self esteem. Overtime you will start to realize that you can have more, be more and do more than you previously thought. This journey is exciting. You must take it!

My Journey Learning How To Manifest Anything

I’ve always wished I knew the secret of manifesting. I’ve never been one to latch on to promises of “fast cash” or instant transformation. To learn how to manifest anything, I chose to take my own path. It may have slowed down my progress, I don’t know. Perhaps the only way to learn is to take your own road.

Dysfunctional Beliefs

What used to cause me to fail at manifesting my desires was a feeling that I wasn’t worthy of what I desired.

I used to think the secret to getting what I wanted was to work really really hard at that thing. For example, early in my career I was desperate to make lots of money. As a consequence, I worked long andΒ  exhausting hours, never questioning the toll this was taking on me. AndΒ  while a good deal of money flowed towards me, it would be in one pocket and out the other before I even knew it. And while it seems simple enough to say “just try harder to save”, the practice of being mindful of my money truly alluded me.

Finally, the pain of my existence became too much. What a blessing! I was forced to stop and take an even deeper look at what was happening. This was when the fear really crept in. It’s scary to take an honest look at yourself. I started questioning why money mattered so much anyway. And I realized I wanted money for protection because I was so afraid my world would soon enough fall apart. I realized I didn’t actually expect a good future. I was saving to soften the blows of what was inevitably coming my way – death of family, loneliness (even more than I was experiencing in that moment), and the fear of becoming less  and less employable.

No wonder it was difficult for me to truly amass wealth. My future, full of “lack” didn’t warrant abundance.

Rather than continuing to focus on money and getting more of it, I decided to focus instead on these beliefs. Besides, I was burnt out anyway. I couldn’t possibly work any harder even if I tried! I was blown away that such negative thoughts were calling such important shots. I then looked around at my life. I was single (perpetually single!) and overweight. I didn’t enjoy “hanging out” with people because to me I could have been at work instead, actually making money in these moments. My life was all that I had always feared – full of nothing.

Then the tears started to flow and I broke down. I realized all of these negative deeper beliefs stemmed from a fundamental one that I was truly unworthy. And the only way I could get my share in life was effectively to in effect cheat – to work much harder than everyone else.

This was a devastating and exciting time. On the one hand, I had realized that my theory of hard work as a means of how to manifest anything wasn’t the way. On the other hand, I had all of this new awareness from which to create a better future.

And as I’ve said elsewhere, awareness is half the battle to change. Realizing I thought so lowly of myself was automatically freeing and the  start to great changes.

Building High Self Esteem – The Secret Of How To Manifest Anything

I think a forgotten part of the process of building high self esteem in the name of manifesting more, is facing where you are right now. That’s why positive affirmations alone don’t work. You need to see and truly feel where you’re at today. This can be scary but facing your fear is the key. The reason it’s so important is because intrinsically you know how to manifest anything. You have manifested the life you have right now. Your thoughts, feelings and actions are what create your daily reality. So to shift your life, you need to change the formula. And that requires first acknowledging that there is a formula which you have control over.

So take the time to look at where you are. And to see this clearly, I used a therapist and meditation. It also helps to objectively observe the circumstances of your life. To do this, adopt the witness perspective and assess what kind of person you must be to have this life you have created. What would a person who has your issues and your attitude really think? What would they believe about themselves and the nature of the world around them?

You then need to write down in concise sentences, what the beliefs are  that you hold. At their very core, you will find they are issues of self esteem. So, for example, if you start with “I don’t really expect I’ll find the man I really want to find”, keep going. There are other beliefs beneath this one. You might find this thought stems from a fundamental  belief that you are unworthy or simply unattractive or undesirable.

Next, you need to spend time meditating or thinking deeply on these beliefs. How did you form them? Did you develop them based on incidences that happened in your past? If so, why are you still operating from them now if the past is over?

What will also help you build up your self esteem is learning to connectΒ  and identify more with the infinite self within. Being too ego identified makes the process of building self esteem more difficult. You will only ever be able to achieve small shifts in yourself if you let your ego direct the process.

What’s most important of all is that you realize an incident from your past is directing the course of your life today. And that this is a fundamental mind flaw. Most people can’t help but struggle here. It’s the way we’re raised, to let the past dictate our present lives. And that’s what causes us so much pain.

Once you have a grasp of the illogical thinking and dysfunctional beliefs that have been running your life, you will find your self esteem automatically improves. That’s why this process is great for boosting self confidence. At this point, you are ready to take on the next step in learning how to manifest anything: start dreaming again. You’re free now to imagine a wildly fulfilling future. What it looks and who will be in it. With dreams for the future and a high self esteem you now have two of the most critical, foundational tools for learning how to manifest anything you desire. 


I subscribe to the age-old philosophy that first you have to BE before you can DO and HAVE what you want. I created this site to give readers practical and motivational success tips! In every post you will find simple success principles that will cause you to succeed.

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