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This article will show you how to discover your life’s purpose in the next 10 minutes, but let me begin by convincing you that you have a purpose.

It was Mike Murdock who said, “Everything created solves a problem.”  Your eyes see; your ears hear; your nose smells.

Discover Your Life’s Purpose: Everything Created Solves a Problem

Your watch solves a problem, it tells you the time.  Your shirt solves a problem, your shoes solve a problem, the carpet solves a problem, the windows solve a problem.  “Everything created, solves a problem.”

It has been my observation that everyone created solves a problem; doctors solve medical problems, accountants solve financial problems, lawyers solve legal problems, psychologists solve mental problems.

There’s a specific problem that you were created to solve, and you will only succeed if you discover that problem and solve it.  Finding this problem is discovering your purpose, solving this problem is accomplishing your purpose.

According to a recent survey, 75 percent of the population is unaware of the problem they were created to solve.  This is quite tragic because you can only become truly happy and successful, doing what you were created to do.

Discover Your Life’s Purpose: How do you discover the problem you were created to solve?

I’m glad you asked; I would like to show you!

First, I want you to get out a pen and a piece of paper.  Did you get the pen and paper?

Secondly, I want you to answer the questions below, on the paper you just took out.  (You may not be able to completely answer to all of the questions below, but answer them to the best of your knowledge.) These questions are “sign post” on the path to discovering your purpose today.

Discover Your Life’s Purpose: Answer these questions:

1. What do you love to do? I’ve noticed that people who are successful, do things they love to do. Tiger Woods loves to play golf, Donald Trump loves real estate, Tony Robbins loves to motivate.

Your purpose is related to what you love to do.  Write down the activities that you love.  Maybe you love to write, maybe you love to talk, maybe you love reading, maybe you love exercising, maybe you love listening to others, maybe you love playing sports, maybe you love selling things.

Whatever you love, write it down.  Write down as many things as you love.  You can begin by saying, “I love to…”

2. What do you notice? A hairdresser notices someone’s hair is out of place, a designer notices a problem with your outfit, a mechanic hears something wrong with the car, a singer notices when someone’s voice is out of pitch, a speaker notices a boring speech.  What do you notice?  What grabs your attention when it’s not functioning properly?  Is it relationships, cars, people?  Whatever it is, write it down.

3. What would you do for free? What do you love to learn about?  What do you love to talk about?  What would you regret never trying? Is it cooking, sports, teaching…write down the answers to these questions.

4. If I was able to look in your library, what would I find? If I found 200 books on “real estate,” then maybe that’s your passion, if I found 300 car magazines, then you should probably be doing something related to cars.  If I see 150 novels, that means, you just want to escape reality (and that’s a whole ‘nother issue).

…if you have a library, write down the types of books we would find in your library, or the kinds of books that you wish were in your library.

5. What sparks your creativity?  What do you find easy?  What are you good at? What makes you happy? Is it painting, designing, building, speaking, writing; think about it, then write it down.

Take a moment and review the answers to the questions you’ve just answered.  What are some commonalities?

Think about some ways that individuals with these specific talents and passions could be successful….

Now, take the next two to five minutes and write down as many career, job or business opportunities that someone with your passions would pursue, if they knew they could not fail!

When you’re done with the list, take a moment to review it.

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, circle the item on the list that you feel the most passionate about, the one that seems the most enticing to you, the one that you could see yourself doing forever, the one that deep down inside you believe you can do, the one that you would regret never trying.  Circle it now.

Congratulations, you’ve just discovered your purpose!

Note: You may feel equally passionate about one or two items, and that’s ok.


I subscribe to the age-old philosophy that first you have to BE before you can DO and HAVE what you want. I created this site to give readers practical and motivational success tips! In every post you will find simple success principles that will cause you to succeed.

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