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Do You Believe In The Cosmic Law Of Attraction?

Does The Secret work? After watching Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret documentary, millions of people were left wondering if positive visualization and the power of positive thinking are alone enough to manifest destiny and desires. The answer is no… Below you can find out what else you need to do to make this self improvement technique work for you.

The Secret Documentary: What’s It All About?

The main premise behind The Secret documentary is that like attracts like (the Cosmic Law of Attraction), so what you think about is what you’ll attract into your life.

Your thoughts are a manifestation of your beliefs and your beliefs dictate what is possible (and what is not) for you. So changing your thoughts (in order to change your beliefs) will transform your life. This part of the theory is true.

There’s More To Manifesting Abundance Than Just Thinking Positively

While there was some compelling evidence of the power of thoughts presented in The Secret documentary, the movie did fall down in the explanation it provided for how thoughts lead to manifestation. Rhonda Byrne suggested that by simply thinking about a thing you can manifest its existence.

Hhmmm. I may be the world’s biggest advocate for the power of positive thinking. But this sounds like magic to me. Anyway, I tried it out… and it didn’t work. It’s not surprising that it doesn’t work either. We all know that lying on the sofa and dreaming about a tropical island vacation won’t lead to an airline ticket magically landing in your hands.

So if you were wondering, does The Secret work (the Cosmic Law of Attraction); I personally believe in it wholeheartedly… but you need to apply the principles discussed above with action. Thoughts without action are like words without deeds: useless. 

The Power Of Your Thoughts

The truth is that many people are plagued by negative thinking and narrow beliefs. This is what is causing limitation in their lives. Becoming aware of the unconscious and limiting beliefs you hold will transform your life. Just having awareness of your beliefs is enough to empower you to change them. And when you change them you will behave in different ways which will cause your life circumstances to change.

To know what limiting beliefs you have, you just need to look at what you have created in your life and listen to the thoughts streaming through your mind. Journalling and meditation are excellent techniques for bringing the unconscious to awareness.

What Have You Created In Your Life?

If you wish you could be wealthy but in reality you never have a cent to spare then this is a clue that you have negative beliefs that are operating unconsciously to ensure money remains scarce for you. Ask yourself why money is lacking in your life when you know you would actually love to have more. Two common beliefs people hold around money are: money is bad (a sign of greed), and I am not deserving of abundance (I am not whole).

Once you know the beliefs in operation in your life, you can explore what they mean and why you hold these beliefs and then work to change them.

The Thoughts Streaming Through Your Mind

 Your thoughts in your mind stem from your beliefs. If you believe you are deserving of all the abundance the world has to offer, this will lead to you thinking positively and behaving openly, with more love and compassion. While abundance is our natural state, it most certainly isn’t normal. Normal for most people is a state of mind full of complaints, wishing, regretting, hoping, longing and resenting. If your state of mind is like this you need to do a stock take on your beliefs.

Don’t fear your beliefs. Awareness is the key. Once you know what’s been driving your thinking and behavior, you will be empowered to change for the better. Finding your hidden beliefs is the hardest part.


I subscribe to the age-old philosophy that first you have to BE before you can DO and HAVE what you want. I created this site to give readers practical and motivational success tips! In every post you will find simple success principles that will cause you to succeed.

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