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What Is An Affirmation?

Affirmation statements need to be written in a specific format. Keep reading to learn the definition of affirmations and the suggested techniques to ensure you write affirmations that work.

Affirmation Definition

Β What is an affirmation exactly? Consider that every thought in your mind is an affirmation statement of some sort. And your dominant thoughts become beliefs that have the power to create every living moment you experience. So the habit of affirming thoughts isn’t new to you. The habit of choosing the content of what you affirm is what you need to perfect!

Following are techniques for writing affirmation statements. People who claim affirmations haven’t worked for them usually have failed to follow one, some or all of these critical steps to success.

  1. Make your affirmation statements short, sharp and in the present. Personal development guru, Shakti Gawain defines an affirmation as “A strong, positive statement that something is already so.” This definition explains that you need to state your affirmation as if you are already experiencing that which you desire. When you word your affirmation in future tense you are reinforcing to your subconscious mind that the thing you desire lies in your future. The problem is that the future never comes. You are only ever living in the present. Shakti Gawain also states it should be a “strong” statement.” In order for it to be strong, make it bold and concise.
  2. Phrase your affirmation statements in the most positive language you can. Your affirmations need to excite you. This is your future you’re creating! Be direct and confident in the way you word them. Dare to dream big. Affirmations are not the place to skimp!
  3. Focus on the “what” not the “how”. Often we don’t pursue our deepest desires because we can’t see a logical path to having them. Affirmations work on the subconscious mind to bring about your dreams. Don’t only go for what you can rationally see yourself achieving, go for what lights you up, gets you excited. The Universe will take care of the how.
  4. Practice your affirmation statements without attachment to their fulfillment. The reason you want to remain detached is that you cannot know when fulfillment of your desires will occur. If you put due dates on their delivery you will feel like a failure and be discouraged if they don’t occur on your time frame. Working without a deadline is a practice of faith that you can take control of your life and play an active role in creating your own future and know that it will at some point come about.
  5. Repeat your affirmation statements even in the absence of belief. The reason you don’t currently have what you desire is due to a lack of belief so it stands to reason that when you first start out repeating your affirmations you may feel like a fraud. That’s okay. Over time, as if by magic, you will find you start believing your affirmations. You will realize that it’s crazy to think you can’t have what you desire. This is a sign of real progress when you reach this point.
  6. Act on the messages you receive. Once you begin daily repetitions of your different affirmations, you will find that new ideas and thoughts about the attainment of your desire come to you. It is important you act on these intuitive messages, as they are creative ideas springing from your unconscious mind. When thoughts start to spring into your mind it is a sign that your affirmation is on the road to being fulfilled.
  7. Say your affirmation statements with emotion. Until you can feel excited and connected to your affirmation, there is little chance it will manifest. Emotion is important because thoughts which have feelings attached to them become dominant thoughts and therefore have a greater chance of manifesting in your life. In order to help emotionalize your affirmations, practice visualizing how your life will look when you have what you desire, as you are saying the affirmation.
  8. Repeat daily. You have millions of thoughts everyday and most of them are probably negative and limiting. To give your affirmations the best chance of manifesting into reality you need to flood your mind with them. It is imperative that you say them out loud, with emotion, as soon as you wake up and as soon as you go to sleep at night. When you have a quiet moment during the day, spend some time visualizing how your life will look when you have what you desire.
  9. Focus. Most people can find many things they’d like to change about their lives. If you are too broad and say you want everything to improve you will weaken the power of affirmations. Try just one or two affirmations to start. Focus on one thing you would love in your life, one desire you would do anything to manifest. Focus speeds up the time it takes to make your affirmation a dominant thought. This in turn reaches your subconscious mind more quickly and turning it into reality becomes just a matter of time.

I subscribe to the age-old philosophy that first you have to BE before you can DO and HAVE what you want. I created this site to give readers practical and motivational success tips! In every post you will find simple success principles that will cause you to succeed.

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